Hi friends!

My name is Alix, and the wrinkly dog you see is Buster, my Pug/English Bulldog mix. There is so much to our journey and story that would need a whole website dedicated to it, but in a nutshell, I got Buster as a shelter puppy at 6 weeks old while I was a young adult trying to figure out how to navigate the world. I had always loved animals, but he helped take it to a whole new level. They say you get a “heart dog” once in a lifetime, and I am convinced he is just that. 

I have worked as a veterinary technician for over 7 years and am currently enrolled in school to become a licensed veterinary technician. I have worked in a variety of places – rural veterinary hospitals, city veterinary hospitals, and currently, I work in the security industry with explosive detection canines.

While I’ve always had a passion for veterinary medicine, Buster singlehandedly ignited my passion for dog training. As a young puppy, he was a very easy-going, friendly, laid back dog. He had a traumatic single learning event when he was about 11 months old that caused him to be extremely dog and human reactive. Despite that, we constantly train and work on our issues. Even though he is reactive, and even though he is a brachycephalic breed, he is more active than most dogs I know. We hike, travel, camp, and explore new places regularly. We’ve even dabbled in dog sports in certain venues. 


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our training methods

There’s a saying – “You can get 3 dog trainers in a room, but the only thing they’ll agree on is what the 4th guy is doing wrong.”

The most important thing is that we understand all dogs are individuals and need to be treated as such. Our training philosophy is to establish a working and happy relationship between you and your dog utilizing positive reinforcement methods. This means that we utilize communicate in the form of cue and verbal markers to communicate with our dog what we want them to do so those behaviors increase and problem behaviors decrease. 

Our goal is to make sure you understand how best to communicate with your dog so that you can both live stress-free active lives together.


We understand that no two dogs are alike, and neither are two owners. What you hope to achieve with your dog will differ from the next person.
Because of this, we will work with you to determine the most cost effective route to match your needs. Please contact us!