Do you have a busy schedule? Is it hard for you to get to an evening training class with your dog after work? Do you want to take your dog to a class but you’re afraid how he’ll react? Does he bark and lunge at other dogs, and does that make you nervous? Do you want to only work on 1-2 things and don’t want to have to commit to a full 6 week training course? Do you just want to have a nice walk with your dog without him barking and lunging? Do you live in a rural area and don’t have any good trainers near you? 

I have a solution for you. Come train with me… no matter where you are in the world! 

Most dog trainers offer hour long classes the same day of the week for a consecutive 5-6 weeks. I understand that with a busy work and family schedule, that can be hard to commit to! But, I don’t think that should stop you from training and having fun with your dog. That’s why you should come train with me! We can fit the training into your schedule! We will have a chat and figure out what your main goals are, so we can customize the sessions to focus and work on those goals. 

At a minimum, you will need a few things: Your dog, a 6 foot lead (no retractable leashes), treats, Skype, and a way to record and email simple videos. (If the video/tech worries you – don’t worry! I will help you. These videos will be short, and your iPhone or Android can do it all.) If we need more equipment (a “place” station or agility equipment, etc.), we will discuss that in the initial consult.

What to expect: We will have an initial 30 minute consultation by either Skype or phone. We will chat about your dog and your problems. After that, you’ll select your package, and we will get to work so you can start living a better, more active, and easier life with your dog! I will set up a very detailed and explicit training plan. You will get out with your dog and do the work. If you’re having a problem, you’ll send me a video, text, email, or just call me to talk it through. We will have a weekly check-in, and at the end of each check-in, I will send you a detailed training report to track what went right, what went wrong, and what to do differently in your next session.