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I help pet parents transform their barky, lungey dog into an easy, fun adventure dog using a functional approach rooted in rewards-based and ethical training methods that prioritize the dog’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Does your dog pull, growl, bark, and lunge on leash whenever he sees another dog, bicycle, or maybe even person? Do you feel worried every time you step outside into the world with your dog, even though the whole reason you got a dog was so he could be with you? Do you wish walks were easier, less stressful, and fun?

As a coach for both you and your dog, I use rewards-based methods to change your dog’s underlying emotional response to make him feel more comfortable and secure in the world. Once we do that, you and your dog can start living an active, adventurous, and better life together! Walks become fun and enjoyable again!

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There is so much information to keep track of when you own a dog! Training plans and records, veterinary records, daily logs for health and wellness tracking, enrichment plans, and so much more!

You know those weird people that truly get joy out of organizing things? Yep, I’m one of them. That’s why I created digital products! You can download my digital templates to get your documentation in order in one place, so you can stop feeling cluttered and like your information is scattered in multiple places.

Meet Us!

Alix and Buster

Wanna know something you and I have in common? I own a reactive dog. Even though I got Buster as a puppy and did everything “right” and “by the book,” he became incredibly reactive after an incident with another dog. At his worst, he even had behaviorally induced seizures, like Rage Syndrome. This, of course, was devastating. Like you, one of the reasons I got a dog was to have an adventure buddy by my side! At first, I felt defeated, anxious, and overwhelmed, but it’s true – most dog trainers become dog trainers specifically because of a “difficult” dog that has come into their life. That was the case for me and Buster. I shifted my mindset, found my passion and interest in learning about canine behavior and cognition, and entered the world of professional dog training. Today, Buster and I have overcome all of our challenges, and we now hike and travel easily with no worries or problems!

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What is Fetch for Me, Human?

Fetch for Me, Human is a one-stop shop for content and resources for living a better life and a more active life with a reactive dog.

All of the blog posts, guides, podcast episodes and, of course, my services, are all geared towards one thing – helping pet parents and their dogs achieve optimal wellness, modify unwanted behavior, and improve the human-animal bond to live a better, more active life together.

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Put those blue light glasses on and get to reading! As a dog trainer, dog owner, and previous veterinary technician with professional corporate experience in quality control and quality assurance auditing and writing legal documents and policies, rest assured that these articles are some of the best and most data-driven articles you’ll find on the Internet!

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Wanna curl up with a good read? Put those blue light glasses on and get comfy! This is where share I share not only the inner-workings of my brain but also all of the research that I do!

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Leash up your dog, grab those AirPods, go for a nice walk in the woods, and get some much needed learning time in or just listen for encouragement from one reactive dog owner to another.

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Do you want reactive dog support, training advice, motivation, wellness advice, and so many other tips for living the good life with your dog delivered straight to your earbuds? This is the podcast for you!

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