Dog Activity Digital Planner and Workbook


A digital planner and workbook intended to inspire and motivate you with training activities, games, and planning templates, so you can start having more fun with your dog!


Do you subscribe to monthly subscription boxes for your dog because you love giving your dog new things every month? Or, do you have an allergy dog or a super chewer who you just can’t trust with those unknown, surprise products?

This is the workbook for you!

This workbook is over 20 pages of journaling prompts, tracker lists, training exercises, games, and more! You can plan an engaging month with your dog and then write down your memories and highlights to remember the good times. If you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, you can flip to a page and choose an activity to do!

This is a workbook that can either be used digitally on an iPad in a PDF-annotating app like Goodnotes. Or, you can print it off if you’re a pen and paper kind of person.


This workbook will include multiple sections:

  • Training exercises with instructions
  • A list of games
  • Enrichment activity ideas
  • Journal prompts
  • A checklist or bucket list of things to do throughout the moth
  • A tracker to keep track of your activities, training, and enrichment

This workbook is designed to inspire you take action and do something fun with your dog, especially if you’re feeling unmotivated or out of ideas. This is also a great way to reflect on training progress or to write down good memories to remember.


Due to this item being a digital downloadable file, all sales are final.


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