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Think of this as the Library of Congress – but for dogs! Grab your blue light glasses, cup of coffee, and get cozy. You’ll find a little bit of everything here – science, encouragement, and a personal look into our daily life together.

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Hi, I’m Alix

(and the cute wrinkly dog is my sidekick, Buster).

I’m a professional dog trainer and reactive dog owner with a passion for writing and the ability to type over 100wpm (thank you, Mavis Beacon), so get cozy and get to reading!

This is my little home on the Internet, and basically, that means that the interworking of my brain live here. Wanna read about some science-backed research that I’ve been looking into? Or maybe you’d rather read about how to travel with a reactive dog? Maybe you’re just curious about mine and Buster’s life together, and what our training journal looks like? It’s all here!

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