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Do you want reactive dog support and motivation, dog training advice, and health and wellness tips and tricks delivered straight to your earbuds? You’ve come to the right place! Put those earbuds in, get comfy or get your exercise on, and let’s hang out. It’s like talking about dogs over coffee with a friend. What more could you want?

What you’ll hear

Rewards-based training advice

Living an active life with a reactive dog is kind of my jam, and the way to accomplish that is by changing the dog’s underlying emotional response to change the outward display of behavior! We can do all of that with rewards based methods.

Health, wellness, & natural living tips

Keeping our dogs healthy and fit is absolutely critical in making sure they live a long, pain-free life!

Inspiration & motivation

I’ve got your back. I have a reactive dog, so I know that it can be emotionally draining. I’ll pop into your earbuds and give you the inspiration and motivation when you need it most!

Meet the host

Hi, I’m Alix!

I’m a professional dog trainer, thanks to owning my own reactive dog. Since I share my everyday life with a reactive dog, I understand the struggles firsthand – the difficulty during training setbacks, finding reactive dog friendly places, and even the emotional roller coaster.

Thanks to our training, persistence, and a mindset shift on my part, we live a very active and normal life – we hike and travel together frequently and very easily! My mission is to help you do the same.

Put your earbuds in and get ready to hear encouragement, actionable training advice, and discussions about overall dog health and wellness!

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