the READY, SET, FETCH! podcast




The one stop podcast that will cover anything and everything about reactive dogs, including training, traveling, and living with a reactive dog – and so much more!

You guys!

I’m doing this thing!

I have listened to podcasts for years now. Even when I bought my new car and it had a free year of Sirius/XM Radio, I still chose podcasts. I’ve had anywhere from a 40 minute to an almost 2 hour one-way commute since about 2013, so listening to podcasts and using that time to educate myself has been a lifesaver.

But – I quickly realied that while there are some awesome dog specific podcasts out there, there isn’t one about reactive dogs.

So I am here to fill that gap!

I will talk about everything and anything related to dogs, but of course – it will center around reactive dogs. I will provide stories, tips, tricks, and advice about owning, living, and traveling with a reactive dog. My goal is to educate you and support you so that you feel confident you’re living an active life with your reactive dog. I also hope to interview other reactive dog owners, dog trainers, and other dog experts!

Join Me!

In the meantime, I would LOVE it if you would join me over at my private Facebook group – Ready, Set, Fetch! Insiders – so we can connect and get to know each other! Once you get in there, please introduce yourself and tell me a ltitle bit about you and your dog! 

If you have suggestions, topics, or ideas – please email me at or you can contact me here.

The podcast will launch on all major podcast directories on November 11, so I hope you’ll join me!

We love making friends! please drop us a line!